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Gezaqard İ.T (Qrometrin 500 gr/kq)


The name of preparation, affecting substance, manufacturer company  The name of plant Weeds The expenditure norm of the preparation l/ha, kg/ha

Gezaqard I.T

(Prometrin 500 gr/kg)

“Syngenta” Switzerland 
Sunflower        Annual two kernel and grain plants 

2-4 (pre-sowing, until sowing or growing)
Pea, soybean 3-5 (until growing)
Onion, garlic  3-5 (until growing)
Bean 3 (2-3 days left to growing)
Potato 3-4 (until growing. The potato may be used 3 months after sowing)
Carrot  2-3 (until sowing, until growing or in the 2-3 leaf phase. The carrot may be used 4 months after sowing)