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About us

“Agrokimya” LLC operates since 1991. Its main activity is to import into the Republic plant protection products, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, microelements and other agricultural products and sell it to agricultural enterprises and farmers.


“Agrokimya” LLC is official distributor of some leading producers of plant protectionproducts, fertilizer, seed and other agrochemical products. Thus, it is distributor on sale of plant protection products of Switzerland’s “Syngenta Agro AG”, Germany’s “Bayer CropScience AG”, USA’s “DOW AgroSciences”, Turkey’s “KorumaKlor Alkali” companies, leaf and root fertilizer of Italy’s “Valagro”, Belgium’s “Tessenderlo Group”, Israel’s “Haifa Cheicals”, Russia’s “EuroChem” companies, plant seeds of Switzerland’s “Syngenta Seeds” company, peat of Estonia’s “Mikskaar” company.


2 candidates of sciences and 5 scientist-agronomists on plant protection work in the Company.


The main aim of the Company is to provide agricultural enterprises and farmers with agrochemical services, to apply innovations of agrochemical service and advanced practice in order to produce ecologically pure, qualitative agricultural products without harming environment.


The Company has Tovuz Branch and regional representative offices more than 26.